Friday, July 24, 2015

Nattova info bonanza!

     Today, I received an email from Gary Chapman of Jazz Age Club:
Dear Roy,  
   I've finally uploaded my post on Natacha Nattova
   I've given your blog a plug at the end I hope you will find it of interest given your interest in her
   I've had it on my enormous list for over a decade
   I write about performers / dancers in the Jazz Age amongst many other things relating to the 1920s 
with best wishes  
     His post is wonderful:

The Fiery Natacha Nattova (Jazz Age Club [Gary Chapman])
The Fiery Natacha Nattova Natacha Nattova came from the Paris Opera via Nice and war torn Russia to become one of Europe and America’s most daring and graceful adagio dancers during the Jazz Age.


real name Nathalie Schmit
By 1940 she was still living with Daks at West 53rd Street, New York. He was then an assistant theatre producer and Nattova had seemingly ended her career as a dancer. 

See Nattova moves to California re Nathalie Schmit. 

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